How to make you someone love you?


To understand how to make someone love you, do this, first of all have to understand what the person likes and why? Who will stiffen the matter, that human nature is to love himself. And when a person loves another, then it is because, his love of his fellow man, makes him feel better about himself.

What human love? Answer: what makes him feel good. Man loves himself and wants to feel good. Therefore, every time a person tries to get close to the things that make him feel better. Even if the person does not understand why anything makes them feel good, it’s still attracted to, because it makes him feel good.

Therefore, if you can make someone feel good, he will love you. Human love, what makes him feel good. Or make someone feel good, and he will understand that you made him feel good, this thing will make him love you. Because, every person wants to feel better, so he went and tied, what makes him feel good.

And apparently we must ask: If a person really loves who makes him feel good, then how can it be that sometimes a person, not like those who made / makes him feel good? Answer: The man does want to feel good. But man also wants to feel as good as possible. Therefore, even if something makes a person feel good, man rejects him, if for some reason he thinks he will feel better without it.

Also, sometimes the person rejects it makes him feel good, precisely because it makes him feel good. And explain: Sometimes it seems a man who makes someone else feel good, but the other person, his subconscious feeling bad, give him love. And this makes it, he would reject it tries to make him feel good.

And can be an example, from the education of children. For example, when giving a child a lot of gifts, apparently, on the one hand to make him feel that love him and if so he should feel good. But on the other hand, sometimes out of the gifts given to the child, he feels a sense of emptiness inside him, just because of all these gifts. And this makes the child unconsciously, want to keep him, it gives him gifts.

Another example: when forgiving and flattering person for any external, such as beauty / silver / appearance, and so on. Ostensibly, the outside makes him feel good. But on the other hand, sometimes actually compliments, makes a person feel bad. Because, they broadcast to give Conscious of the person, which is not good enough the way he, and love him just because of his outside.

When someone compliments he received a good score. Should pay attention to the fact that he will understand that love him, even regardless of the score is accepted. When complimenting someone, for being unable to do something, you have to pay attention that he understands that love him, regardless of whether he succeeds. Otherwise, the card compliment, it really kind of hurt hidden, where the person feels love him with conditions.

And sometimes, one even hate, those who are trying to make him feel good about understanding. Because, he feels bad about the compliments and love trying to give him. Because sometimes, the person feels in his subconscious in some way, love is not real enough. And this is hurting him and causes him to even be angry and hate, those who try to love it. Since, in which he feels hurt, that you love him just with the conditions, and so on.

And these things all take place within the subconscious of the person, even if he is not aware of them. Therefore, there can be a situation where a person flattering, but it will feel bad about it. And although he would smile and even admit it to praise him, it is suddenly feels rejection from those they appreciate him, even if he has no idea why this is happening. And all this because of the above matter, sometimes flattery actually makes a person feel bad.

So what can you do? Answer: Every man wants to feel good. But every man also wants to feel real good. Real good is genuine self-love, which is independent of any external causes. When complimenting someone on something external, though it is fine and nice, yet there is also a hidden message that makes a person just does not really love himself, but only because of external reasons whatsoever. And that person tries to move away.

However, probably the person does want to feel real good. Therefore, if you can get someone to love himself truly, regardless of any external causes. By this he really love you, too. That gave him the most important thing to which he aspires.

And how to get someone to love himself so? Answer: The first step is to love yourself really. There is no shortcut. If you fail to truly love yourself, you fail to make anyone else, to love by loving oneself is real. At best, be able to make him love himself, because of any external causes, it is obviously not true love as above. Therefore, the first phase, the person try to reach true self-love of himself.

In the second stage, you need to love another person true love, which is independent of any external things. After that you will love yourself truly understand what true self-love, and be able to love another person really well.

Then, in the third stage you have to make the other person really love himself, for the same reasons, why you love him true love. I mean, when you really love someone and not because of any external causes, then you love it, because you look at the insides and not on its exterior. And you should also try to get around you, to love himself truly. By this would cause him too, look the interiors of himself, until he too loves himself, love does not depend on external causes.

And when you really love someone unconditionally, so his subconscious picks up the message and turn this message into it. If you can make the other person really love himself, because of his inner and not just because of its exterior, this will make him truly love you, too. Because, you create a real good feeling for him, does not depend on any external causes.

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