How to get a guy to like you – The Best 10 Tips

No matter how complicated it seems to be the laws of attraction, these have been studied over time by many specialists who were able to find different patterns for sensuality and magnetism between men and women.
But what about you? Do you know exactly how to get a guy to like you? Here are the best tips to make yourself noticed by the guy you want.

1. The physical aspect

You can say once again that men are shallow because at the base of sexual attraction lies, primarily, the physical appearance of their partners. Of course, the attraction can not be confused with deep feelings of love. 

2. Acquaint yourself with his pals

Try to create as many friendly relationships with those around him. This increases your chances to receive invitations and he be present. And if his friends like you, they could talk about you with him.

3. Femininity

Men have a weakness for delicate and sexy women . If your features are not exactly very feminine, you can compensate for these drawbacks through behaviors that suggest this. There is no need to decorate your room with pink roses but to find a balance between your desires and the guy that you intend to seduce.

4. Come closer 

If you have strong feelings for him , then try first to be his friend. In this way you will see whether to go on. Attract him in more serious conversations about your professional aspirations or about your hobbies. Show him who you really are and see which is his feedback.

5. Ask him for help

Another way to seduce him is to play the role of princess in need. Ask him to help you with anything, after noticing which are his skills. If you make him feel good because he can help you, it is possible to begin to have some feelings for you.

6. The color is important

Recent studies have shown that men are attracted by women who wear delicate tones by orange or pink. These shades are associated with sensuality. Try this little trick and see the impact on him.

7. The power of of perfume

Vanilla and cinnamon are two of men’s favorite flavors. Choose a perfume based on these flavors if you want to be unforgettable. Cinnamon is considered an aphrodisiac.

8.  Be natural

Already this advice looks like a cliché, but naturalness is extremely important. No guy can like a fake person who tries to be different than is.It’s important to be yourself, to be unique, to be special. That will attract him more than a short skirt.

9. Use your smile

A smiling girl has more power than you can imagine. A smile costs nothing but you can brighten someone’s day. So, use your smile to light his day whenever you can. 

10. Be sexy

Guys are very visual. Everyone knows this, but we often forget how vulnerable are guys in what they see. A proper visual stimulation can hypnotize a guy. So, forget PERFECTION! If you want to be noticed by a guy, think of colors, dresses and curves. Ah … and the piece de resistance: high heels.

Using these tricks you will manage to capture his attention and stay etched in his mind. Be optimistic, detached, self assured and no guy will not be able to resist such weapons.